VAR Advocacy Team Focusing on Proposed Short-Term Rental Legislation

SCVBR and the legislative team at the Vermont Association of Realtors® are keeping an eye on proposed bill H200, which focuses on Short Term Rentals.

The bill as proposed would impose strict guidelines as to who can rent their properties on a short term basis. H200 proposes requiring homeowners to occupy their home a minimum of 270 calendar days and register their property with the state ($130 fee).

The bill as written would enable the original concept of Airbnb, that of people renting out a room in their house to help with the rent. But it would shut down the Airbnb houses in ski towns and vacation areas. It is also problematic for those folks with an old family camp on the lake that they rent out, because it was never owner occupied.

It is tough to determine what “equitable” is in this case, and there are many sides to the issue. VAR does not support this proposed bill, while the Chamber of Commerce currently supports it on behalf of established Inns and B&Bs.