Making a Difference in our Communities

By Justine Curry and Jessica Flannery

Thanks to all of you, this year we were able to donate a total of $18,475 to seven area food pantries to help communities impacted by COVID-19. As a result of the pandemic, food insecurity rates and reliance on food pantries are skyrocketing.
Typically, in any other given year, we collect donations at meetings. However, this year we were not able to meet in person. This sparked us to form a fundraising committee and we were able to far surpass our goal of $10,000.
Diana Allen of the Jamaica/Wardsboro Food Pantry stated that for the holidays they usually hand out hams. With all of the money raised from SCVBR, they were able to offer side dishes and fruit!
Scott Winslow of The Greater Bennington Interfaith Community Services says, “Every year, GBICS kitchen cupboard serves almost 1,000 families struggling with food security. Of course, the greatest risk to the program right now is COVID, but continuing community support helps keep us running.”
This fundraiser has shown how important it is to work together for the greater good and we hope that this success will carry on into future endeavors and inspire others to do the same! Thank you again for your generous support.